The Big Brother house is built around this big trend

After a five-year hiatus Big Brother, the original and one of the most iconic reality TV shows is back on our screens on ITV. Last night we got a tantalizing look inside the famous reality TV house and we were excited to see one of this year’s biggest interior trends popping up in every room in the house.

The home decor trend in question is all things curvy, from archways to curving sofas the new Big Brother house is going to be a sea of ​​flowing shapes.

Big Brother house

(Image credit: Big Brother: The Launch airs Sunday at 9pm on ITV1, STV, ITV2 and ITVX)

Arches and curved designs have been having a serious moment in home decor over the last few months, and the Big Brother house appears to be the epitome of this trend.

There is the large curved turquoise sofa, where contestants will await their fate on live eviction nights. A large gentle curve takes its cue from the shape of the Big Brother eye logo adorns the kitchen, and a hallway of multi-colored arches leads you through into a bedroom and bathroom.

Big Brother house kitchen with red brick arch

Big Brother House Kitchen

(Image credit: Initial TV / ITV2 and ITV

But, it doesn’t even stop there, both the giant communal bedroom and bathrooms have created cozy spots to sit using smart curved alcove ideas. Not to mention the arched mirrors on the dressing tables, and circle shapes galore in every room.

Big Brother house bathroom with blue bathtub

The Big Brother house bathroom

(Image credit: Initial TV / ITV2 and ITV

The curvy home decor trend has been steadily growing over the last year. We’ve seen it popping up in the furniture world with Next relaunching the brand with the new undulating Kooper sofa, and John Lewis revealed that its statement Lozenge sofa has been one of its biggest sellers this year.

Both the terms ‘curved sofa’ and ‘curved staircases’ have seen spikes in searches on Google. We reckon as soon as people catch sight of the new Big Brother House that trend is going to keep growing.

Big Brother house hallway in green

The Big Brother house hallway

(Image credit: Initial TV / ITV2 and ITV

Curves do have a hidden power on the mind, and are one of the best ways to hush a home, a term that means to use your home decor to create a calm and soothing space. ‘Hushed spaces embrace curved lines and fluid organic shapes. Think oversized lampshades, circular tables, wavy headboards, and seats that envelop you in their curves,’ says Tash Bradley, Director of Interior Design and Color Psychologist at Lick.

The Big Brother house features nearly all of those pieces, making us wonder if the calming curves were a conscious decision to help keep some peace in the famously claustrophobic house. Contestants who survive the evictions will stay in the house together, with little to no privacy for six weeks. While that is shorter than the three months or earlier seasons, it’s still a long time to share a bedroom with a group of strangers.

Big Brother house bedroom with pink arch

The Big Brother house bedroom

(Image credit: Initial TV / ITV2 and ITV

There is one place where contestants can get some privacy, and that is the iconic diary room which also includes – yes you guessed it – curves. The seat has been designed to look like the Big Brother eye with a post-consumer recycled polyester chair that curves around to meet the neon backing light.

Big Brother house

(Image credit: Big Brother: The Launch airs Sunday at 9pm on ITV1, STV, ITV2 and ITVX)

While we can’t wait to get a better look inside the new Big Brother House, the reveal has already got the internet in a spin. Some have accused the show of going ‘too much like Love Island.’ Other fans have praised the bold modern look saying ‘LOVE THIS!!! Looks so modern, great job.’