How to design a bathroom that’s easy to clean

A back-to-wall bath will stop dirt accumulating behind. Photos supplied by Reece. Products pictured available from Reece.

One of the most essential but unappealing chores would have to be cleaning the bathroom.

Daniela Santilli, of bathroom-products retailer Reece, said that unlike a bedroom or lounge room, wet rooms required more effort to get a perfect clean, especially if they were old or poorly designed.

“People definitely want to minimize the time in cleaning their bathroom,” she said.

Thankfully, if you’re building or renovating your bathroom, some clever thinking can ensure it’s not only stylish but functional, particularly when it comes to cleaning.

A floating vanity, recessed basin and mirrored cabinet are all good choices.

Below, Ms Santilli shares what products to invest in for an easy-clean bathroom.

Back-to-wall bath

There’s no doubt the look of a freestanding bath is appealing, but if you’re working with a smaller footprint, its position might mean it’s difficult to clean.

“There may be an empty cavity at the back or side where dust and other matter collects that’s difficult to get to,” Ms Santilli said.

An alternative to building the bath in a hob is to consider a freestanding back-to-wall bath, which sits flush against the wall.

“It gives you the best of both worlds because you have the aesthetic of a freestanding bath and the practicality of it fitting snugly against the wall to avoid the build up of dust and grime in hard-to-reach areas,” Ms Santilli said.

The Posh Domaine back-to-wall freestanding bath sits flush against the wall but still gives the impression of a freestanding bath.

Rimless toilet

The rise of rimless-toilet technology in the residential market over the past 10 years has transformed the humble dunny in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning.

“Rimless technology provides a more effective flush and reduces the build-up of germs and grime in the toilet, with nowhere for it to hide,” Ms Santilli explained.

For other easy-clean choices, consider an in-wall cistern and back-to-wall design so dust doesn’t accumulate on or behind the toilet.

“Also, consider a wall-hung rimless pan to increase the illusion of space, with more floor space visible. And for cleaning, simply sweep or mop underneath the pan,” Ms Santilli said.

The Roca Meridian rimless back-to-wall pan reduces the build-up of grime.

Large-format tiles

Cleaning the grout between tiles is the bane of every cleaner’s life, according to Ms Santilli.

“Using large-format tiles is a great way to make cleaning easier because there is less grout than with smaller tiles,” she said.

Grout color is an important consideration as well, with a darker shade showing up less dirt and grime.

“There’s no reason to have bright white grout with darker tiles unless it’s a consideration from a design perspective.”

When it comes to floor tiles, remember that lighter shades tend to highlight more of the dust and hair than their darker counterparts.

Large-format tiles mean less grout to scrub.

Recessed basin

Basins that sit into the vanity top, rather than sitting on the top of the vanity, are winners in the cleaning and hygiene stakes, Ms Santilli said.

“(But) countertop basins continue to be popular, especially in a powder room, where homeowners are more likely to choose a feature design element with the basin to impress guests,” she noted.

On the subject of tapware, Ms Santilli advised opting for a wall-mounted basin mixer set.

“This allows for more space on the vanity unit and makes it easier to clean. It also provides a more minimalist aesthetic to avoid the appearance of clutter,” she said.

Wall-mounted taps, and basins that sit into the vanity, make cleaning easier.

Open shower

If you’ve watched the latest couple of series of The Blockyou’ll know that open showers are in vogue.

“They do look fantastic, but from a cleaning perspective, you need to limit how far the water can travel,” Ms Santilli said.

“Do this by keeping it simple with a single glass shower screen teamed with tiled walls. And integrate a shower floor that becomes a seamless continuation of the existing bathroom floor.”

She also suggested choosing a twin rail shower, which features both an overhead and hand shower.

The hand shower will make cleaning the shower, young children and pets easier.

It’s also worth knowing shiny tapware in a metallic chrome or brass finish is likely to show less marks than matt-black options.

Team your open shower with a glass shower screen, tiled walls and integrated floor.

An overhead shower and hand shower offer all-round ease of cleaning.

Mirrored cabinets

Choosing a mirrored wall cabinet keeps clutter hidden but within easy reach.

“It’s out of sight and out of mind,” Ms Santilli said. “And less products on your vanity top limits dust collection, which equals less cleaning.”

She added choosing a wall-hung vanity would make cleaning the floor easier.

“It also adds lightness and a sense of space to a bathroom.”

A mirrored wall cabinet, such as the Posh Domaine open-shelf shaving cabinet, will keep clutter hidden but within easy reach.