How to design a bathroom that’s easy to clean

A back-to-wall bath will stop dirt accumulating behind. Photos supplied by Reece. Products pictured available from Reece.

One of the most essential but unappealing chores would have to be cleaning the bathroom.

Daniela Santilli, of bathroom-products retailer Reece, said that unlike a bedroom or lounge room, wet rooms required more effort to get a perfect clean, especially if they were old or poorly designed.

“People definitely want to minimize the time in cleaning their bathroom,” she said.

Thankfully, if you’re building or renovating your bathroom, some clever thinking can ensure it’s not only stylish but functional, particularly when it comes

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Weighing in on Wellness – Kitchen & Bath Design News

or most people, their lives are more challenging today than they were just a few years ago. Demanding jobs, a highly divided political environment, inflation, navigating the pandemic as well as recovering from COVID itself is taking a toll on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of nearly everyone. 

To help their clients cope, this month Kitchen & Bath Design News asked designers to share their thoughts about wellness and how they can improve it within their homes. 

Momoko Morton Wong likes to incorporate natural light whenever possible. In this recent remodel, (upper left) two skylights in
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Self-Care Sanctuaries – Kitchen & Bath Design News

While the need to stay home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 has subsided, the trend towards creating a calm refuge for hydrotherapy and relaxation at home has not. Therapeutic products such as soaking and jetted tubs, steam, sauna and even cold water therapy are still in high demand. Designers continue to be tasked with the job of creating a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere incorporating these products. 

“Prioritizing self-care and wellness has definitely carried into the home. Now more than ever the bathroom has become an escape for people to take time for themselves and feel like they are in

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2022 Best Master Bathroom Over $100,000 – GOLD

Svetlana Summers

CairnsCraft Design & Remodeling, San Diego, CA

The owners of this San Diego, CA home are a Balinese couple with two young children. The couple wished to expand the existing bathroom into a larger primary bath where the entire family would enjoy a spa-like experience in what would feel like a traditional Balinese outdoor shower. To be authentic, designer and architect Svetlana Summers used materials typical for this style, such as concrete-look Entropia Greige tile from Dom Ceramiche, Island Stone Cobbles Mosaic Stone in Sterling Gray and natural wood pieces.

The 59″ round Brianza freestanding stone tub

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Attention To Detail – Kitchen & Bath Design News

Personal wellness is a hot topic these days, and when it comes to home design, the shower is one of the most obvious places to incorporate wellness in the home. The shower can become a relaxing, therapeutic, peaceful oasis for cleansing both body and mind.

“The shower is one of the most personal experiences of any person’s day. Whether it’s getting an early morning started on the right foot or winding down from a long day, the shower is more than just hygiene. It provides a brief escape from hectic schedules and the hustle and bustle of daily life,”

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Beauty & Brawn – Kitchen & Bath Design News

In addition to their primary hygienic function, bathrooms can serve as a personal refuge for relaxation or a space to showcase personal style for guests. Since performance and beauty can easily be blended in today’s luxury bath sinks and faucets, trends are moving toward customized styles and colors that truly highlight the homeowner’s style. 

“Bathrooms are increasingly being seen as a space to reflect the style and personality of their owner, with inventive use of color serving as a key tool,” says Alexandra Yacavone, Kohler Design Studio Manager for Kohler, based in Kohler, WI. “Colored bathroom suites are growing

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ESG for the Kitchen & Bath Industry

In the weeks after George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, a meme began trending among kitchen and bath professionals on Instagram. It was a wordless black square, symbolizing both the grief at his death and solidarity with our Black colleagues, neighbors and fellow humans.

The black square was a caring gesture easily shared. What has been the hardest follow up in the two years since the Spring of 2020? ESG, the business and investment term for environmental, social and governance practices, has made corporate commitments to action in these three areas a bottom-line concern.

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Inspired Spaces – Kitchen & Bath Design News

While many kitchen and bath design firms held on for dear life trying to weather the pandemic storm, others used the time to rethink, rework and even remodel. Some companies were in the midst of planning and construction when the world came to a halt, while others chose to take the time their doors were closed to implement a needed facelift. 

Whatever the case, these shiny new and updated showrooms were prepared for the unexpected rush of clients who were suddenly eager to spend their extra dollars on creating home spaces that met their changing needs. Whether homeowners were

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