Built with a limited time frame and budget, this house by Weber Arquitectos provides all the necessities while blending into the natural setting of the surrounding landscape

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Located in Valle de Bravo, Tiny House by Fernando Weber Buch and the team of Weber Arquitectos proves that a limited construction time and budget can still produce a house that meets all the client’s needs due to its smart design and modulated precast structures.

Tiny House is conceived as a rest house, with a limited time and budget for construction, with the work for the entire project carried out in just a few weeks.

This was possible thanks to the modulation of the design and the precast structure.

With simple and pure architecture, the house rises from the ground on a platform supported by a metal structure.

The platform extends to form a terrace, offering panoramic views of the surrounding forest.

Since the project had limited time and budget, both had to be used efficiently.

Priority was given to the more communal areas, while the bedroom areas were designed with the minimum measurements, yet without sacrificing comfort.

The height of the spaces was used to place bunk beds in the rooms, which were divided with an intermediate bathroom in order to give more privacy between them.

A large elongated piece of furniture that is used for storage divides the rooms in a permeable way with the communal area, giving it a greater feeling of openness, and creating the perfect transition between public and private.

The Tiny House’s roof opens and slopes towards the view of the forest, achieving a double-height terrace, which serves as an extension of the living space, creating a transition between the interior and exterior.

Heat-treated wood staves, assembled together, are anchored to the metal structure to create the walls of the house.

The staves are placed on both sides of the wall and are complemented with interior thermal insulation, which seals the spaces, adapting to the Valle climate.

The house is contained by these staves that end at the same height to facilitate and speed up the assembly.

The large windows, complemented by the floating ceiling, allow natural light to permeate every corner of the house, expanding and opening up the spaces.

The materials used make the house integrate into the environment, and instead of competing they complement the landscape.

Project: Tiny House
Architects: Weber Arquitectos
Lead Architect: Fernando Weber Buch
Design Team: Anina Schulte-Trux, Enrique Hernández González, Moisés Cortés Vite Paola Pérez Hadad, and Christian Aparicio Luna
Construction Manager: Gerardo Vazquez Cisneros
Client: Private
Photographer: Sergio López