Architects 49 and TK Studio create an ultra-luxurious residential estate, envisaging a home nestled in nature

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok-based Architects 49 join forces with TK Studio landscape architects to design a premium residential development in modern tropical style with a Thai touch providing year-round comfort.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

The project has been awarded a 2021 International Architecture Award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Wooden trellises at the entrance evoke a sense of natural simplicity, while the preservation of existing Willow and Rain-trees creates a focal point before entering the estate.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

“Ton Yaang Naa,” or Resin Trees have been planted throughout the property which were selected for their suitability to the local climate.

Symbolizing abundance, value, and endurance, these trees will further enhance the residences’ environment as they flourish.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

The extended eaves serve to shade the living spaces from the tropical heat and keep the interior of the house cool throughout the day.

The houses are oriented to face the north and south, which provides enough natural light and allows optimal cross ventilation.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

Natural materials are used in all areas.

Supergenti Travertine marble floors for the living room and common areas on the ground level extend to the outdoor space.

Teak flooring in the second-floor bedrooms creates a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Extra-large glazing provides panoramic views of the surrounding greenery, bringing a sense of nature into the home.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

External teak cladding elicits the ambiance of traditional Thai houses of bygone era. Teak is also used for the interior ceilings and extends to the exterior eave soffits.

Terracotta clay roof shingles, traditionally used on Thai houses, are re-designed to create a modern tropical residence.

The 790 square-meter residence includes a living room, dining room, saloon, spa, and a bedroom for the elderly located on the ground floor.

Private quarters on the second floor consist of a second living room, a master bedroom, 2 more bedrooms, and a gym.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

Consistent with the architecture, the subtle yet luxurious interior design is accentuated through the quality materials such as golden teak and marble which line the floors, walls, and ceilings.

Art and decorative pieces exude Thai influences with contemporary flair, while the warm color tones provide a sense of comfort and a family atmosphere.

Each bedroom is also distinctly designed to reflect the lifestyles of its residents.

Santiburi by Architects 49 House Design Limited

Project: Santiburi The Residences
Architects: Architects 49 Limited
Design Team: Songchai Asawaprecha and Thanarat Karnpool
Landscape Architect: TK Studio
Client: Singha Estate
General Contractor: Chokechanayoot
Photographers: Wison Tungthunya and Chaovarith Poonphol