2024 Living Room Trends That Will Be Huge Next Year


Multipurpose Zones

a living room with a fireplace
Kirsten Francis

In this living room, Pilchik created three zones: a central seating area, a writing desk, and a game table. A luxe moss-green velvet covers the sofas, and fabrics from Fermoie and Soane are used for drapery and upholstery. She also brought in an antique French writing desk, teak midcentury armchairs, and a table that belonged to the client’s grandparents, mixed with a rattan-and-glass side table from Serena & Lily and a linen-wrapped coffee table from Villa & House. The multiple textures and materials used in the room complement its multipurpose functionality.


Hand-Painted Murals

a couch with a pillow

Go full-on custom in your next project with a hand-painted mural. “Hand-painted murals are replacing wallpaper and the ever-popular plaster and limewash looks in some cases,” says Leah Alexander of Beauty is Abundant.

This playful and chic living room was brought to life by Alexander’s favorite muralist in Atlanta, Jasmine Nicole Williams. The colors on the tool give a spotlight to each color reflected in the space, from the furniture to the decor.


Earthy Tones

living room

If you’re nervous about stepping away from neutrals, Alexis Pew of Kaminski + Pew shares invites you to a natural introduction to color in your space with “warm, textural spaces with natural materials in moodier, earthy color palettes.” It immediately brings a laid-back and inviting feel.

“We’re moving away from bright whites and grays toward more creams, browns, rusts, and muted greens,” says Pew.

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Impactful Details

a living room with blue couches
Christopher Stark

Don’t forget to dot the i‘s and crossing the t‘s. In this living room designed by Noz Nozawa, she packs each angle with shapes and curves that accentuate color, texture, and craftsmanship. There’s something to appreciate from every angle.

“While these details are nothing new in design and are quite traditional, I’m noticing an increased interest in finer details—there’s energy around tabletop design in particular,” Nozawa explains.


Minimalist Floor Plans

white living room
Rikki Snyder

Clear the way! 2024 will be a year of strategic floor planning and furniture arranging. “I anticipate floor plans shifting to include less clutter and unnecessary objects being introduced into spaces,” says designer Hilary Matt. “Rather than filling the whole room up with pieces of furniture, being really intentional with the spacing and where the pieces are placed.”


Statement Lighting

living room

“I see lighting having its biggest year yet with bolder sconce choices and increasingly innovative techniques in blown glass, jewel-like fixtures, and organic shapes,” says Alexander. Light up the room with Alexander’s favorites: John Pomp, Eny Lee, and all things The Future Perfect.

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Maximalist Momentum

living room
Michael Granacki

Tara McCauley has noticed a departure from the colorless aesthetic that gained popularity to make a house more “sellable” to the next inhabitant. “The focus seems to be too much on building resale value for the future and never on designing a home that makes you happy while you are living there,” explains McCauley. “I’ve seen lots more color, texture, and layers in the past year—the demand is definitely there.”


Moody Color Palettes

a living room with a fireplace
MR Architecture + Decor

Contrary to popular belief, dark colors don’t shrink the size of your room. They can create the illusion of vast space if done correctly. Double up on the drama (without the fuss) by coating your living room in plum, black, navy blue, burgundy, or gray. “Every house should have one moody room—whether it’s a study, a library, or a game room. It’s sexy and fun!” says designer Elissa Grayer.


English Countryside

a living room with a fireplace
Read McKendree

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